Friday, August 21, 2009

K-mart super doubles for charity!

...and some super doubles for me too.
This is how it started... I went to K-mart to specifically to buy cereal. I had a free box of rice crispies and a bunch of dollar off 1 box of rice crispies coupons that I got in the mail from vocal point. I also had some dollar off 2 coupons for some other Kellogs cereals. I was trying to put together a deal for a rebate from our Sunday paper. The rebate states that if you buy 10 boxes of select Kellogs cereals in one order you can get a $10 dollar rebate and a $70 dollar coupon for dell computers. I need a new monitor, and with 4 kids in the house, I also need cereal. This is how transaction 1 went...

{The cereal was all on sale 4 for $9.00}

2 boxes frosted flakes $4.50
used $1 off 2 mq doubled
{this made them $1.50 for both}

4 boxes rice crispies $9.00
used 1 box free mq
used 3 $1 off 1 mq doubled
{this made them 75 cents for 4 boxes}

2 boxes pops $4.50
used $1 off 2 mq doubled
{this made them $1.50 for both}

1 box sugar smacks $2.25
1 box frosted flakes gold $2.25
used $1 off 2 mq doubled
{this made them $1.50 for both}

That's $22.50 worth of cereal
- $10.25 worth of coupons
I paid $12.25. I will get back $10 from the rebate and my $70 coupon!
I gave my sister 3 boxes and 1 to my mom. Me and the kids are going to make rice crispie treats this week for snacks. I won on this deal in so many ways.
Thanks K-mart!

Now for the charity part...
There was recently flooding in some near by areas which essentially devastated 2 entire towns. Many people lost everything and local agencies are collecting for those flood victims. There is a particular need for personal care items for those in temporary housing.

I sent each of my girls through the line with 4 Dove visibly smooth deodorants. Which I love by the way... I gave them each 4 $2 off 1 coupons and a dollar. The coupons were doubled. Since the price was only $3.99 each they were all free. They girls each paid 48 cents in tax. I also gave 2 of the coupons to mom so she got 2 free also. That is 10 deodorants for $1.20 cents. One for mom, one each for me and my daughter, and 7 for the flood victims. I will add those to some things I am donating from my current stockpile. I know it is only deodorant and stuff, but it's something I can do to help in some small way, and it feels great.
So thanks again K-mart!

I decided to do a second transaction since I still had needed items on my grocery list and high value coupons. This is it...

One TRIO building set $19.99
- $5.00 K-mart sale
used $5.00 printable coupon {thanks coupon clippin' mama}
sharpie highlighters $2.69
used $1.00 printable coupon {thanks deal seeking mom} doubled
Tag deodorant $3.50 on sale
used $2 on 1 mq doubled
2 suave kids shampoo $2.49 each
used $1 off 2 mq doubled
$3.00 for both
Band aids $3.99
used $1 off 1 mq doubled
2 trident gum $1.00 each
used $1 off 2 mq doubled
That's $15.67 plus tax.

Not too bad considering that Mom and I had 5 kids with us.
Then we went to the mall for school clothes where we were no nearly so

If any of you live in the western NY area consider donating stockpile items to the flood victims. There is a great need and most local charities can tell you how to get your items to those most affected.

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