Saturday, May 16, 2009

This stuff is great!

I have officially found a new deodorant. Recently Dove sent me a full size sample of their new visibly smooth deodorant. Dove says that it minimizes the appearance of underarm hair over time. You know what? They are absolutely right. It seems rare that a product does what it says it will. This one does that and more. I have not had a single shaving bump since I started using it. Also in the past I have had trouble finding a deodorant that would actually last through out the day. Dove visibly smooth lasts ALL day with out needing to reapply. As an added bonus it smells great! Dove also sent me a big bundle of coupons and I have had a great time giving them out. All the friends who have used their coupons to try the product have reported back to me with similar wonderful results. Long story short... Thanks Dove!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Foster Care Month

May is national Foster Care month. As a foster parent, I would like to get the message out. There are hundreds of thousands of youth in foster care at any given time in the US. Many of them in need of permanent homes, and others just in need of a safe haven at a difficult time. Please consider supporting these kids. If you are unable to provide a home, there are still many opportunities to help. Foster kids need mentors, agencies need financial support, communities need education. I urge you to contact your local county or private foster/ adoptive agency. Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of children and youth.

I am including a link {I hope it works...} to Foster Club an online community for the support of youth in care and adults who want to help. They are featuring outstanding youth this month. Kids who have been in the system and have over come adversity and used it to help others. Take the time to read some of their stories. They are truly inspirational.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/2/09 Last Minaute Trip

Ok So I hadn't been to all the drug stores in a while. Walgreens had what looked like some killer deals this week, so I decided to make a last min. run yesterday before the sales changed again. I had a list of things I needed that were not on sale. I figured I could get a few things for free and use the register rewards to buy what I needed. My total should have been about 6 dollars after coupons and register rewards. As it was my total was about 28 dollars. That really isn't too bad though considering that I got $71.00 worth of merchandise. Here is how my Walgreens trip went...

Transaction 1:

2 Got 2 Be stylers @ 2 for $10.00

used 2 printable $2/1 Got 2 Be MQ

total $6.78 with tax
recieved $5.00 RR

Transaction 2:

Rembrant tooth paste $5.99
vitamin water $1.39
vitamin water $1.39
Vitamin water $1.22
{these were supose to be on sale according to the sign. I just noticed that they didn't ring up}

used 3 $1.00/1 vitamin water MQ
$5.00 RR from transaction 1

total $2.76
received $6.00 RR

Transaction 3:

2 Got 2 be stylers @ 2/$10.00
single subject notebook $1.29

Used 2 printable $2/1 Got 2 Be MQ
$6.00 RR from transaction 2

Total: $2.16
received $5.00 RR

Transaction 3:

Gilette shave gel $3.29
Visine A/C $4.79
Old Spice aftershave $8.99
Hot Shot ant spray $4.59
Walgreens Freezer bags $1.79
filler paper $1.79

Used: 80 cent in ad visine coupon
$3.00 visine MQ
$1.00 Gilette MQ
$1.50 Hot Shot MQ
$5.00 RR from transaction 3

Total $15.52

I was really disappointed. They were out of the Bayer glucose monitors that had the $5 RR. I was going to use those RR to buy everything else and donate the monitors to the legion. Also, the manager would not let me use my ecotrin coupons because the coupon was for more than the sale price of the item. I suggested he could adjust it down, but he kept insisting he could not. I would have gotten $6 more dollars in RRs for that as well as $15.00 in RRs for the monitors. He seemed rather annoyed with the whole coupon thing, and I couldn't find quite a few of the things I had planned to buy. All in all it makes me think maybe Walgreens isn't worth it. CVS is much more coupon friendly. So... here is how I did at CVS...

CVS transaction 1:

6 3m hooks. on sale 2/$5

4 $1.50/1 3m coupons
2 $2.50/1 3m coupons

Total: $5.16
received $5.00 ECBs
$1.50 ECBs

Transaction 2:

2 All laundry soap B1/G1 $7.49
1 4ct. Drumstick ice cream on sale $3.00

2 $1.00/1 All MQ
$1.00 ECB {from a couple weeks ago}
$1.50 ECB {from previous transaction}
$5.00 ECB {from prvious transaction}

Total: 99 cents

Rite Aid

2 electrosol dishwasher soap $4.49 each on sale

2 $2.50/1 MQ

Total: $4.68

submitted for ESR $1.50 each rebate
I will get $3.00 back making the total $1.68 for 2