Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday trip to Wal Mart...

I can't seem to find my receipt at the moment so I am going to try to write this from memory...

Friday I needed to go to Wal Mart because it was my youngest son's 7th birthday. I also had that coupon for the free mascara at Wal mart from the ALL YOU magazine. {They were out of that though...darn it...} This is what I got...

$0.97 each /5 bars Johnson's buddies soap {my kids love these and we were almost out}
$3.92 each/ 6 boxes Glucerna cereal
$5.00/ All Dogs Go To Heaven DVD
$5.00/ Cheaper By The Dozen DVD
$5.00/ Sandlot DVD
$18.92/ Kota Pals triceratops toy
$5.92/ vent cover for furnace vent
$6.00/ Maxwell house coffee
$74.33 plus tax sub total

I used:
$3.00 off 3 MQ Johnson's buddies
$2.00 off 2 MQ " "
$10.00 off 2 MQ Glucerna
$10.00 off 2 MQ " "
$5.00 off 1 MQ Glucerna
$5.00 off 1 MQ " "
{all printable coupons courtesy of Deal Seeking Mom}
$3.00 off MQ All Dogs Go To Heaven DVD
$3.00 off MQ Cheaper By The Dozen DVD
$3.00 off MQ Sandlot DVD
{print-ables found on ...I think...}
$30.33 OOP. after coupons. plus tax
That is a savings of $44.00. Not bad at all...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walgreens second trip...

Well, since Walgreens seemed to want to give so many things to me for free, I decided top go back yesterday. I had intended to try the diaper deal from Deal Seeking Mom in order to get some register rewards. They were out of the diapers, along with some other things I wanted. I think I did quite well anyway...

The top pic is stuff I had to pay something for :P
The second pic is stuff I got for FREE :}

transaction 1:

Irish Spring body wash $4.49
35 cents tax
OOP $4.84
received register reward for Free body wash
{Thank You to Deal Seeking Mom for letting me know about this one}

transaction 2:

3 One Touch Ultra glucose monitors 14.99 each
7 Frutice styling products 2.99 each
2 Frutice shampoos 2.99 each
1 Frutice conditioner 2.99
1 Irish Spring body wash 4.49
3 Colgate Total toothpaste 3.49
4 Coffie Mate creamer B1G1 2.49 {for 2}
13 Butter Ball chicken broth 79cents each
2 Ziplock freezer bags 2.50 each

3 14.99 one touch mq
10 2.00 easy saver frutice coupons
10 1.00 frutice mq
1 4.49 irish spring body wash coupon {from previous transaction}
3 2.50 easy saver colgate coupons
3 1.00 colgate mq
2 1.50 coffiemate printable coupons
{This cashier wouldn't let me use them on the free items even though they did last time}
13 10 cent instant value butter ball coupons
1 100/2 ziplock mq
3.00 in register rewards from a week ago

3.86 tax
total OOP 15.68
wag coupon savings 78 cents
wag advertised savings 31.56
MQ savings 96.96

total savings: 129.30!!!!!
and I am submitting the butter ball receipt for the conag Easy Saver Rebate $5.00
{I will have to go back and buy one more can because I miss added. I hope it works}

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FREE stuff at Walgreens 3/8/09

This pic is all the things I got absolutely FREE!!
I didn't do as well as Megan at Saving Our Cents,

but I did get quite a few free items at Walgreens this Sunday. I did not get this weeks coupons until I came home, so I am going back tomorrow. The items I got for free were...

2 bottles of coffie mate creamer
1 Colgate toothpaste
5 Frutice styling products
3 Glade lasting impressions {which smell great by the way}
2 Glade scents and spray

this is how my transaction worked out...
{ESC easy saver coupon from Walgreens easy saver book; MQ manufacturer coupon}

1 Revlon tweezer 3.99
-ESC 1.00

1 Nutrise hair color 5.99
-2.00 ESC
-2.00 MQ

1 Colgate 3.49
-ESC 2.50
-1.00 MQ printable

3 Glade lasting impressions @ 7.99
-ESC 4.00 each
-4.00 MQ each

3 smuckers jelly 2.00
-.50/3 MQ
{I sent the reciept to the free disney scrapbook offer a 13.99 value}

5 frutice stylers @ 2.99 each
-ESC 2.00 each
- 1.00 MQ each

Coffie mate creamer sale B1G1 2.49
-1.50 MQ printable {use 2}

2 Walgreens water bottle @ 2 for 3.00
{each one includes a chapstick, hand sanatizer, hand lotion, traver tissues, pill case, and 4pk. crayons}

2 m&ms 50 cents each {the girls were with me}

2 hershey 50 cents each

tweezers 69 cents

My total came to 58 dollars before coupons, and 17 dollars and change after coupons. Not to bad right...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$20 gift card...Free from Dillyeo

Dillyeo is giving away a free $20.00 gift card today for the next 11 hours or so. I have seen 5 and 10 dollar gift cards in the past for free, but not $20! You will have to give them an additional email address when you check out. I gave them my other e-mail address, that way I am not bothering my friends. Good Luck! Oh the URL is

Free Dr. Pepper in Maxim

There is a coupon for a FREE 2 liter bottle of diet Dr. Pepper in the Feb. issue of Maxim magazine. If you happen to have one laying around, or notice one at the recycle center, grab it. I used that and the one I got in the mail from Dr. Pepper to make a deal at Walgreens on Saturday. The sale for that is over now, but Free soda is always good!