Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sorry for slacking...

Ok, so I have actually gone to the store a couple times since my last post. I thought I had put at least one of those trips on here, but I guess not... Anyway, I am not going to go back through all of the receipts to catch this up because the sales I went to are over, and it would be irrelevant to all of you. I did want to mention a nice little bonus I noticed, that at least some of you may be able to cash in on...
When Rite aid had the Bayer glucose monitors for free with the coupons from the Sunday paper, I bought 3 of them. That is how many coupons I had. The total before the coupons was like $44.97. After the coupons, I paid nothing. Now I don't even need one glucose monitor let alone 3, but I donated them to the Salvation Army. I am sure someone in need will be pleased to have them. Then later I was checking out the February rebates for rite aid and submitting receipts. I didn't think that these would count towards anything since I paid nothing for them. You know what? I was wrong. The receipt for the monitors came back as qualifying for not only the $10 gift card for Rite Aid, but also for the heart health tee shirt offer from them. So... I donated 3 monitors to people who needed them. It cost me nothing, and as a reward for my good deed, I will receive a $10 gift card and a free tee shirt. Which is even better because I did not expect anything for it. Not bad, not bad at all.

If you bought the monitors you may qualify for these rebates, check the Rite Aid site to find out. Be sure to do so soon. I think you have to submit before the end of the month.

As always, remember, if you can get a freebie that you don't need, get it anyway, donate it to someone who can use it. You will get the pleasure of doing something for others, and someone will appreciate your kindness...heck, you may even be rewarded for it. How can you beat that?

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